When a user signs up through your referral link, they are automatically marked as a referral. Any payment made by a referred user within 3 months, will result in a referral bonus of 10% added to the credits in your account. After 3 months the percentage drops to 5%, and after 6 months it drops to zero.

When you're a team member, you can also invoice out those credits, but then our margin applies.

Example 1.
Client A refers Client B. Client B pays €10.000. As a result €1000 is added to Client A's credits. Client A spends these credits on their project.

Example 2.
Team Member refers Client. Client pays €15.000 and €1500 is added to Team Member's account. Team member sees €1500 credits €1125 invoiceable and decides to invoice the €1125 out of the system.

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